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Opioid policy

Recommendation 6e: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency should be tasked with leading “out of the box” demonstration projects focused on the opioid crisis. 

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     The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was founded in response to the Sputnik launch, with the express purpose of leading transformational change within and outside of government, with a focus on national defense. Its achievements are many, most notably having a key role in developing the World Wide Web. The Commission recommends that it be tasked to expand to its focus to the opioid crisis. Alternatively, recently proposed by President Biden, is to create a spinoff of the agency within the National Institutes of Health.

     The range of projects that could be attempted is limitless. The Commission offers a non-exhaustive, illustrative list of ideas (see table 3). These have not been tried, so we do not know how well they would work, but many would be relatively inexpensive and genuinely innovative.