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Californians are blindly screaming at each other in a data vacuum over the drug crisis - SF Chronicle

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The Lancet Commission and the North American opioid crisis - The Society for the Study of Addiction Notes (UK)

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What two decades of data on overdose suicides shows about mental health care disparities - PBS News Hour

Crucial talk of validity of opioid safe supply falling on deaf ears - Vancouver Sun

More than 104,000 Americans died from drug overdoses within 12-month period - Independent

Preventing an Opioid Pandemic - Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health 

The opioid crisis is an objectively very difficult problem - Slow Boring

As lethal fentanyl flows across Mexico border, CBP tries powerful scanning technology - Washington Post

Amid backlash from chronic pain sufferers, CDC drops hard thresholds from opioid guidance - USA Today

Stanford University: Stanford-Lancet Report Calls For Sweeping Reforms To Mitigate Opioid Crisis - Education Diary (India)

The war on drugs puts a target on China - Politico

Commission Addresses the Opioid Crisis in North America - Clinical Pain Advisor

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Covid vaccines deserve our trust – but big pharma doesn’t - The Guardian

Tackling an epidemic - VA Research Currents

L'addicció als opioides: la propera pandèmia el 2030? - Catalunya Press

Cutting ties? Britain's arts institutions and the Sackler family money - The Stories of Our Times

Economic Toll Of Opioid Epidemic: $1.3 Trillion A Year - Forbes

US opioid crisis arose from weak laws and regulations - The Hill

Britain’s cultural institutions are quietly cutting their ties to the Sackler family - Sunday Times (UK)

Panel warns of further opioid devastation, urges new initiatives to curb epidemic - Healio

Satu Juta Orang Diramalkan Bakal Mati Mengenaskan karena Resep Opioid di 2029 - (Indonesia) 

La crise des opioïdes pourrait devenir mondiale - Sciences et Avenir (French)

Opioid Commission Calls for Immediate Action to Quell Overdose Deaths - KQED

InnovationRx: Opioid Overdose Deaths - Forbes

Opioid Crisis Set to Escalate Without Urgent Steps, Study Finds - Bloomberg

Dramatic policy overhaul needed to curb exploding opioid crisis - San Francisco Chronicle

Commission on Opioid Crisis Warns of 1M Overdose Deaths in Call to Action - MedPage Today

Opioid deaths in next decade will surpass total mortalities since crisis began - Newsweek

Stanford-Lancet report calls for sweeping reforms to mitigate opioid crisis - Stanford News 

Editorial - Managing the opioid crisis in North America and beyond - The Lancet

Opioid overdose deaths to ‘grow exponentially’ without action - The Guardian

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