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Domain 7: Preventing opioid crises beyond North America

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Developed nations have a responsibility to prevent their opioid manufacturers from fomenting opioid overprescribing in other countries, and all nations should consider how to strengthen regulatory systems to prevent domestically-driven opioid crises.

The Commission therefore makes the following recommendations:

Prevent pharmaceutical producers in the USA from exporting fraudulent and corrupting opioid promotion practices abroad

Recommendation 7a: To avoid repeating the experience with the tobacco industry responding to increased regulation in developed countries by finding new markets overseas, the USA and other developed nations in which opioid manufacturers are based should extend restrictions and legal sanctions on companies and owners to their global operations.

Distribute free, generic morphine for analgesia to hospitals and hospices in low-income nations

Recommendation 7b: To respond to pain relief and palliative care needs in low-income nations as well as to prevent such countries from being exploited by for-profit opioid manufacturers, international agencies should coordinate distribution of free, generic morphine to hospitals and hospices.