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Domain 3: Building integrated, well-supported, enduring systems for the care of substance use disorders

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Integrated, evidence-based, enduring systems for the care of substance use disorders should be built and supported financially on a permanent basis.

The Commission therefore makes the following recommendations:

Permanently mainstream addiction care within health and social care systems

  • Recommendation 3a: Health and social care systems should make an enduring commitment to provide services for people with substance use disorders. These services should be fully integrated with mainstream healthcare systems, be equally accessible to all people in need, and should target a range of outcomes, including but not limited to eliminating illicit drug consumption. 

Expand public and private insurance to adequately finance substance use disorder care

  • Recommendation 3b: Funding mechanisms that promote marginalized and unstable substance use disorders care services should be replaced with a core, enduring commitment within mainstream public and private financing mechanisms. This commitment should be advanced through public insurance programs as well as through the regulation of private insurance. 

Curtail provision of harmful treatments

  • Recommendation 3c: Public and private payors and regulators should curtail provision of addiction-focused health care services that have significant potential for harm.

Invest in addiction training of specialists and generalists

  • Recommendation 3d: Health care policymakers and educators should make a major investment in addiction-related training of specialist and generalist health professionals.